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For a few years now, the sector of stock market speculation has made incredible progress. More and more individuals are starting out in the venture without even having any training. This is due to two main factors: it is now possible to make money in the stock market with no special knowledge and with minimal investment (about €300). This was unheard of only a short time ago.

This has been made possible by the arrival of trading robots for individuals. This software takes care of analyzing the market by applying complex algorithms and by placing purchase or sell orders automatically. You can have your portfolio managed without even thinking about it. This trading robots have had growing success and show no signs of slowing down. We tested several of them for you. Today, we present the one that we found to be far and away the most efficient on the market: GOLD BINARY ROBOT

robot trading presentation

There are two types of trading robots

types robot trading

Semi-automatic robots
These trading robots send purchase or sell signals to the user, who has to follow these indications. This requires some discipline and especially, you need to be at your computer whenever you want to trade. These robots are interested, but still bring the human factor into the equation, which constitutes a certain type of risk.

100% automatic robots
These trading robots will analyze the market continuously and place all trades on behalf of the user. That way, emotion and stress will never inter into the equation when managing a portfolio. This eliminates any risk of error. Users have the leisure of starting and stopping the robot whenever they want. But once they are started, there’s no need to stay glued to your computer because the software takes care of everything. The robot we’re presenting to you is in this category.

The trading robot success story

As we mentioned, GOLD BINARY ROBOT is a 100% automatic trading robot, and its results far surpass those of its competitors’. The site has made more than 7 million dollars in gains for its members since its launch. Unlike the others, this robot is distributed for free. The software developers are compensated by the broker rather than the members. Our teams tested GOLD BINARY ROBOT and we’re going to give you the results.

Our review of the trading robot

Once logged into the Gold Binary Robot site, we signed up on the platform. Immediately, the online trading robot opened. We noticed that an account had been created in our name with the online broker. As a reminder, the broker platforms take care of placing trades. Money is deposited with them. The trading bot communicates with the broker in order to place trades automatically.

Here is the robot’s interface:

interface gold binary robot

We followed the tutorial on the site: TUTORIAL

We configured the robot as indicated, and then we made a deposit of €350. Note: GOLD BINARY ROBOT has negotiated with the broker so it can be reimbursed.

So we contacted the broker using the “My Account” tab to request our 100% bonus. An additional €350 will be credited to our account the next day. Since there’s no use waiting around doing nothing, we decided to start trading. Doing this is very simple; we launched the robot with the AUTO TRADE button.

The trading robot started up and opened up trades. Five trades were opened. After a few minutes, we had 4 winning trades of the 5 that were opened, and we made almost €100.

We let the robot run by itself and do its job. After two hours, here are the results:

52 trades placed – 39 winning trades – €680 in profits

For information, after 3 days of trading (without letting the robot run continuously) we had made €1653 in profit.


We have tested a large number of trading robots, but for us, GOLD BINARY ROBOT is truly the most efficient. Also, it has two resulting advantages: it is entirely free and the initial investment is reimbursed, letting you try out the robot at no risk.

Here’s a review video by a member: